Dental Health; Did you know February is Oral Health Awareness month?

Best Dental Sticks for Dogs

As February marks Oral Health Month, there is no time like the present to give your dog’s teeth a little extra TLC! Vital for your dog’s overall health, maintaining their teeth and gums on a regular basis can ensure your four-legged friend lives a long and happy life.

Here at Woof Club Naturals, we understand the importance of caring for your dog’s pearly whites. With a plethora of delicious dental sticks to choose from, your pooch will be spoilt for choice when it comes to chewsing(!) a chew this February. From fabulous fish fingers to vitamin-bursting veggie treats, we have everything you need to keep your dog’s teeth in tip top condition.

Our Best Selling Dental Sticks

Carefully chosen for optimising oral health, our range of delightful dental chews will keep your dog’s teeth and gums looking and feeling healthy for as long as pawsible.

Soopa Dental Sticks

100% vegan, and 100% delicious. This brilliant brand offers a range of dental sticks suited to any age, size, or breed of pup, meaning no matter what dog you have at home, Soopa has something special for you.

In a range of fabulous flavours including; Banana & Peanut Butter, Kale and Apple, Carrot & Pumpkin, and Coconut & Chia seed, our favourite flavour for delightful dental benefits has to be the Kale & Apple. Made with complete human-grade ingredients such as green apple and curly kale, the oral benefits of these treats are like no other.

Freshening breath whilst keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, these tasty treats are 100% natural and 100% Soopa!.

Natural Fish Fingers

Our natural fish skin fingers are the best chews for maintaining your dog’s teeth whilst keeping their skin and coats looking as lush as ever. Packed with pawfuls of Omega 3, these sustainably-sourced and all-natural fish fingers will help keep your pooch’s coat looking glossy, healthy and their skin free from irritations.

Containing nothing more than 100% natural white-fish skins, these crunchy chews will help by:

  • Massaging gum lines to prevent gum disease
  • Removing plaque and tartar build up

Why Do Dogs Need Dental Sticks?

Like us humans, our furry friends need to keep their teeth in the best condition possible. Unhealthy teeth can lead to decay and even tooth loss which can have devastating effects for our dogs. Keeping their teeth healthy is not just beneficial for their health but can ensure no nasty vet bills as doggy dental treatment can reach estimated costs of over £500!

Dental sticks work alongside your dog’s regular oral routine. You should aim to brush your dog’s teeth every few days and use dental sticks in-between brushes to help remove plaque and tartar. Dental sticks work by massaging your dog’s gums and removing nasty build-up whilst your dog chews away.

Are All Dental Sticks Beneficial?

Despite having the term “dental” slapped on their packaging, some high-street dental sticks can be problematic for our furry friends. Sometimes, they contain harmful ingredients such as meat-based derivatives (bone, marrow and nasty protein flavourings) which can lead to tummy troubles in our dogs.

When choosing dental sticks, look for all-natural ingredients such as apple, eucalyptus or single source proteins such as fish, chicken and game meat, for a chew that is kind to both teeth and tummies. There is nothing better for your dog than treats that are wholesome and natural.

So whether your dog fancies a fishy delight or a vegan treat, find the best dental care you can at Woof Club Naturals.

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