'Dogs are our link to
complete paradise'

hello from winston

Winston the Golden Retriever belongs to Laura and Marc.  He inspired Laura to set up Woof Club, a doggie daycare in Stockport, Manchester, which is where he spends every day with his fellow woof pals!  At daycare, he also tries and tests all the products sold on his newest venture, Woof Club Naturals, and obtains all his canine critiques!

Winston is now settled on a natural diet.  As a puppy he had various rashes on his belly, which weren't necessarily to do with his diet, and after reading up on dog nutrition, and doing some investigation, we realised it wasn't ideal for him to be eating the same variety of dried kibble every single day.  There are some excellent kibbles available, but many you see in stores simply do not have the meat content required to sustain a dog to their optimal health.  Reading the ingredients, these foods would have between 4 and 16%.  We found a kibble we liked, but even this was only at 22% meat.  The rest of the ingredients were simply fillers; especially grains, and fillers such as carbohydrates.  He is now on a raw diet, which we supplement with blended vegetables.  One day he'll have wild boar, the next venison, then beef and heart, or chicken and tripe.  He loves the selection.  Somebody once compared dogs on the same dried kibble as humans eating bran flakes every single day of their lives.  

​We hope you like our products, and we can safely say, that everything you purchase here is the very best for your dog, whether in play or in diet.  Enjoy!

premium complete diet

We are exctied to bring our very own brand new Woof Club Naturals Ultimate range to our customers.  This range is, of course grain free, and includes a selection of recipes with the finest freshly prepared raw meat, gently cooked to protect the valuable protein, plus a blend of nutritiously beneficial Superfoods. Using our unique FreshtrusionTM process we have created recipes that boast a high yield freshly prepared protein source!



Our brand new Ocean Box of yummy treats includes twenty five of our finest fish offerings! Jam packed with delicious treats, this highly nutritious and flavoursome box comes with treats guaranteed to wet any pooch's whistle and satisfy those taste buds. All the items in our fish range are 100% natural and come loaded with joint, coat and skin benefiting Omegas 3 & 6. Our fish products are also great for puppies over ten weeks.


Naturally Occupied

New puppy? Check out our mixed treat box for puppies! This box includes a huge variety of premium 100% natural meat treats, as well as longer lasting chews such as the Yak Milk Bone.  It also contains a pack of our premium 80% meat training treats, perfect or your pocket on those weekend walks! 

All the treats in this box are high in protein, low in fat, and free from grain, preservatives, and additives. Only the best!