The Benefits of our Dog Chews

Our dogs simply couldn’t live without their favourite chew. Ingrained into their everyday routine and used for a multitude of reasons, your dog’s chew is a vital part of their development and can help benefit their health and wellbeing in a plethora of wonderful ways.

Here at Woof Club Naturals, we understand the importance of natural, healthy, and whole chews so much…we shaped our business around it! Helping to introduce more natural and healthy alternatives for protein-based chews, encouraging your pooch to chomp on something a little more wholesome really can do them the world of good.

Calm your Canine

Often, chewing and chomping in times of stress and anxiety provides your pet with a long-lasting, durable and health beneficial chew can help ease those times when your four-legged friend have a few more worries than they should. From separation anxiety to travel woes, our dogs chew, chomp and even excessively lick to calm themselves and help reduce stress. For those of you with a new pup in your home, you might find excessive chewing or nibbling of shoes, parts of furniture or toys to help combat the angst of their over-playful behaviour.

Keeping your pooch mentally stimulated with a long-lasting and durable chew can ensure destructive chewing is minimised and times of stress and anxiety are reduced significantly. The right chew can do wonders and provide your pet with a little extra TLC just when they need it.

Wonderful Wormer

As natural wormers, chews like Rabbit Ears (one of our all time top sellers!), and a Beef Slice with Hair can be significantly beneficial to your dog’s gut health. For chews with hair, upon digestion, enter your dog’s intestines, help clear the lining of any nasty bacteria or parasites that lurk in your four-legged friend's system.

These all-natural, sustainably sourced, and wholesome chews can be used alongside your dog’s regular worming medication to ensure they are free of worms all year round.

Great for Oral Health

Keeping your pet’s pearly whites in tip top condition can be troublesome if your dog hates brushing their teeth. For those who may not be able to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis because of toothbrush anxiety, chews are a wonderful way of maintaining your dog’s teeth without any worry or stress.

Fish sticks, chicken feet and beef tracheas are fantastic chews for keeping on top of your furry friend’s pearly whites. As your dog chews these crunchy treats, the chews help clear away any nasty build-up of plaque and tartar on teeth and massage the gumline in the process. Keeping on top of plaque and tartar build-up will not only keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh but will also reduce the likelihood of any expensive and unwanted trips to the vet for tooth decay or removal.

With a range of tasty treats for your furry friend to enjoy at Woof Club Naturals, our chews do more than just satisfy the taste buds of your canine companion. Always remember, when giving your pet any form of chew supervision is strong recommended. When shopping for a new chew to chomp, choose nothing more than natural here at Woof Club Naturals.

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