NY Resolutions - The Best Natural Treats for Dogs

As many of us begin our resolutions for the year to come, being healthier and happier appears to be the focus in 2022.

When it comes to our pets, keeping our furry friends healthy and happy is at the forefront of our minds. But did you know that changing their regular treats and chews can provide more benefits than you might think?

Made with 100% natural ingredients and created to reinforce healthier, wholesome and safer ways of rewarding our pets, here’s why a natural way to treating your four-legged friend should happen this January.

Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

As high-street and supermarket shelf dog treats and chews often contain harsh and nasty ingredients that can lead to health problems in our pets, more and more of us are opting for natural alternatives.

Created using single-source proteins in their natural state, without any additives, grains or flavourings, all-natural treats can help support your dog in terms of their:

  • Digestive systems, such as healthier and less stinky flatulence and poops.
  • Skin and coat; keeping it glossy and shiny
  • Brain and eye health, helping to maintain their happy and active selves.

Completely Raw-Hide Free

You’ve heard the term rawhide mentioned often when shopping for your dogs treats and chews.

Rawhide is the leftover animal hide from meat production that is manufactured to create dog chews. Classic rawhide products are preserved with harsh chemicals and ingredients, and often leads dogs with rather upset tummies.

All our chews are completely free of chemical saturated rawhide making them a treat that is 100% safe and delicious.

Our Best Natural Treats

Here at Woof Club Naturals, we are dedicated to providing and creating treats that are both nutritionally beneficial, and of course, delicious for your dogs.

Made with nothing more than the proteins advertised, your dog is guaranteed a treat that is wholesome, healthy and completely natural to the very last bite.

Our top picks include:

Rabbit Ears with Hair - Natural rabbit ears are a great chew as hair acts as a natural wormer, and being hypoallergenic these treats are great for dogs with itchy skin.

Single Protein Meat Bars - Made with the finest cuts of meat, these blissful bars are a great choice for meat loving dogs out there packed full of protein for added cardiovascular and muscular boost.

Turkey Neck - As one of the leanest and low-fat proteins for dogs, this healthy meaty alternative is great for dogs on weight management plans, or less active dogs.

So, with a superb selection of delicious dog treats on offer at Woof Club Naturals, you won’t struggle to find a treat or chew your dog doesn’t love time and time again.

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