Perfect Puppy!

Our Pawfect Puppy Guide

There is really nothing more magical than bringing a new set of furry paws into your home. Within moments, your life has changed completely and you will spend the next portion of your life dedicated trying to ensure this cuddly creature develops into the perfect member of your family.

Puppies really do make our hearts melt, but raising one can be a troublesome task - even for the most experienced of pet owners. As no puppy is the same; each with their own needs and personalities, we thought it would be helpful to put together a few tips of how you can help your puppy settle in and make the transition as stress-free as possible.

Soothe with Scents

If you are bringing a puppy home from a breeder or adoption centre, ask the owner/centre to place a piece of clothing or blanket from your home into the puppy’s living space before you collect them. This will allow your puppy to bond with your scent and help soothe any anxiety prior to entering your home for the first time. This is great if you already have other pets in your home.

Then, when your puppy moves into your home, bring with them something from their home such as a blanket or toys they were given during birth/first weeks of development so they have their soothing scent of mum and pups with them wherever they go.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Similar to when raising a toddler, ensuring your home is free from hazards will help prevent

any unnecessary accidents from occuring. Whether it be gates between your living room and kitchen, ensuring hazardous objects or chemicals are kept in cupboards far away from your pups reach, or that your not-so-secret chocolate store is well away from your puppies prying paws.

Throughout development, your puppy will be eager to explore a variety of places in your home. For those with open plan areas, keeping food well away from naughty nibblers will help reduce the likelihood of your new pup eating something they shouldn’t. Furthermore if you have a garden, or live on an open road, ensure doors are locked at all times and puppies are kept on leads when leaving the house.

Patience is Key

Bringing a puppy home for the first time is amazing but it can also be highly stressful for both you and your new dog. Accept that toilet accidents are going to happen, and positively reinforce your puppy for using the bathroom outside. Try and place puppy pads closer to your garden entrance so if accidents occur, they are closer to your puppy’s poop destination.

Reward with cuddles, kisses, treats and a reassuring tone to your voice. Never negatively punish a puppy for having an accident. This can lead to negative behaviour later in life and will reduce the likelihood of your puppy doing as you wish.

Start Training Early

When it comes to puppies, training is everything. From socialisation to lead training, getting your puppy used to grooming routines, walks on the lead and even meeting other humans and dogs really can transform their development for the rest of their life. Puppies who are not prone to having their teeth brushed, fur combed, or even being taken for a walk on a lead can become problematic in maturity.

Ultimately, preparing for a puppy can help to prevent any unnecessary stress for both you and your pup. So, to have a stress-less time when bringing home a new set of paws, follow our glorious guide to preparing for your pup this summer.

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