Pet Weight Awareness Month!

Low-Fat Chews

As January sparks Pet Weight-Awareness Month across the globe, finding treats that are both tasty and healthy can be a troublesome task. Often loaded with high levels of fatty and tummy troubling additives, supermarket shelf treats and chews, despite the low price tag, can often do more harm than good.

With both us and our pets indulging a little more than we should during the festive period, there is no better month than January to introduce some more healthier and wholesome options into both of our diets.

Understanding the balance between flavour and nutrition, we have a fantastic range of chews that are both delicious and delightfully healthy for your furry friends. From fish skins to buffalo ears, we have everything you need to ensure your pet can enjoy a treat or two without adding extra weight to their fantastic furry bellies.

Why Low-Fat Treats are Best

Like us humans, our pets take in a large portion of their daily calorie intake from what they eat around their set meals. Used as rewards and boredom busters, chews have a significant role in your pet’s everyday life.

Helping to manage their oral health by maintaining their gums and teeth, chews are also a great way to localise chewing to save any unnecessary damage to furniture or clothes. Keeping these treats low fat ensures their rewards aren’t too calorific keeping them fit and healthy for longer.

Is My Dog Overweight?

No matter what breed or age of dog, weight management is vital to ensure your dog stays healthy throughout their life. Weight gain is one of the leading causes of problems with pets and a problem that can easily be cured with dietary and fitness changes.

Signs your dog might be overweight include:

  • Being unable to feel your dog’s ribs when you stroke them
  • Reluctance to go outside or slower than usual pace when out and about
  • Excessive panting
  • Visibly larger frame
  • Struggle to complete tasks they usually could such as getting in and out of the car

Weight gain is easily rectified with our furry friends, but keeping their diets as healthy and wholesome as possible is the best way to ensure your pooch doesn’t pile on the pounds.

Our Best Low-Fat Chews

Here at Woof Club Naturals, we love to supply products that are both nutritionally beneficial and 100% healthy. Our superb selection of chews are suitable for any breed or size of dog, and can support even the most chomptastic of chewers.

Fish Skin Fingers

When it comes to low in fat, there is nothing quite as moreish as fish. Packed with Omega 3 oils to help support your dog’s health, our fish skin chews are the best treats for dogs wanting to lose weight whilst giving their skin and coat a healthy boost.

Buffalo Ears

For hypoallergenic dogs out there, novel meats such as buffalo aren’t just great for inside their tummies but great for keeping the outside looking great too. As a healthier and wholesome alternative from common meats such as beef or chicken, buffalo also provides a great source of Omega 3. Sourced from free-range and grass fed buffalo, this happier and healthier meat is a fantastic way of getting your dog’s tummies and teeth in tip top shape, as well as maintaining great skin and joints!

Yak Chews

Created with nothing more than 100% Himalayan Yak’s Milk, these tasty chews have taken the world by storm since their introduction years ago. Lower in salt and fat than other chews on the market, these tasty treats are durable, delicious and down-right incredible.

What makes these chews that extra special is the magic that occurs when your pooch is down to the very last bite. Pop the piece of chew into the microwave and watch it turn into a crunchy treat before your very eyes.

As we say goodbye to December and the yuletide treats with it, make yours and your pet’s January the pawfect way to start your happier and healthier lifestyle.

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