The Power of the Ocean!

The Power of Fish Treats

For those opting to treat their furry friend to something a little more natural this spring, there is no better way to pawvide your pet with a scrumptious snack than our fish-based treats. Guaranteed to make your pooch say OH MY COD! our selection of tasty fish fancies are loaded with all the nutritional support your four-legged friend needs to keep their eyes, skin, coat and overall bodies in tip top shape.

From air-dried fish skins to whole dover soles, when it comes to natural fish snacks, no one does it quite like Woof Club Naturals. Available individually and as part of our superb selection box, no matter what fish treat your dog might fancy, our store is the plaice for you!

Benefits of Fish Treats

For centuries, us humans have been scoffing down cod liver oil to keep our hearts and bodies as healthy as can be. Loaded with essential Omega 3 oils, fish is not just great for humans but pawfect for pets too.

Health Benefits of Fish

Like us, our dogs don’t naturally produce Omega oils and gain it from their diet. Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3 and can help support your dog’s health in a variety of ways:

  • Healthier looking coat
  • Soft and itch free skin
  • Boost for their eye health
  • Joint and muscle support
  • Promotes a healthy heart

What makes our fish treats so special is that their benefits exceed those listed above. Their naturally air-dried exterior makes them a delicious dental chew keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy with every single bite.

Support Your Dog’s Mental Health

For some of our furry friends, anxiety and stress can be a massive hurdle to climb. Often with stress and anxiety in dogs, behavioural problems like excessive chewing, gnawing or destructive biting can occur.

Naturally healthy dental chews, rather than those found on the high street, can help support your dog’s mental health whilst giving their bodies a little extra TLC. Often our dogs chew to relieve stress, and therefore chewsing a chew that is longer lasting and requires a little extra bite can help alleviate symptoms of stress and keep your furry friend calmer for longer.

From the Ocean Box

Understanding just how great fish treats can be for our dogs, we decided to dedicate a selection box to the powers and wonders of the ocean. Packed full of any dog's favourite fish-based treats, this is one box of scrumptious snacks your dog won't wait to get their paws on.

Our brand new fish box of tasty treats contains twenty five of the finest fish offerings for your furry friend. 100% natural, wholesome and healthy, these treats are loaded with Omega 3 helping to keep your four-legged friend happier and healthier for longer.

The box contains:

  • 1 Whole Dover Sole
  • 8 Whitefish Nuggets
  • 4 Cod Skin Flatties
  • 3 Fish Fingers
  • 3 Fish Twists
  • 2 Salmon Cigars
  • 1 Cod Donut
  • 2 Whitefish & Seaweed Sausages
  • A pile of Sprats!

With enough treats to give Birdseye a run for his money, when it comes to the finest fish fancies, there is only one choice - Woof Club Naturals!

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